Letter: Stand up for Constitution

February 17, 2014 

I suspect most of us are disappointed with most politicians. In our early history, they were men of integrity, high moral character and determined to serve the needs of our country.

Nowadays, they are often immoral, self-serving and incompetent for the job. This is why they have big staffs -- to ensure re-election and expansion of laws beyond our comprehension.

Of course, this is unfair to all -- especially the poor. But the politicians cover with higher minimum wage, more bureaucratic education programs and allowing illegal government groups control.

It is time to eliminate these groups and elect people-serving officials with competence. How? I do not know, but it is definitely overdue. Congress and and the administration expect us to bear their rants and excessive legislation (sign bills without reading), which is doing great damage to our country.

They know it and do it on purpose. They even want to prevent us from complaining, which in America is our chief method of forcing proper change.

Naturally, those in the know want positional advantage, which they have often not earned. Time for lawyers and others to stand up for us and the Constitution.


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