Letter: Promoting general welfare starts with food

February 17, 2014 

I have a question. I want to know what movements, if any, are government and school officials taking to provide healthier, more home-cooked meals for schools.

Obesity is an epidemic and is severely affecting our society today, and one of the leading causes is the food we eat. Food companies have assumed that if they add extra shots of sugar, fat and artificial coloring to their products, people will eat more of them.

The next generation is the only generation who won't outlive their parents, largely because of the food we consume. What really enlightened me about this important issue is a TED Talk I listened to a few days ago -- "Teach every child about food," by Jamie Oliver. It introduced me to the severity of the food issue in today's society, and about how simply the Constitution states that in order to form a more perfect union, we must promote the general welfare. Why can't we take the simple steps to ensure that?


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