Letter: Meet Obie

February 17, 2014 

More than 13 years ago, our daughter rescued a white puddle of a pup from a box outside a grocery store in Yakima.

Because of circumstances beyond her control, he came to live with us two years later. His name is Obie. He is afraid of fireworks, thunder and yelling during football games. At 70 pounds, he thinks he's a lap dog and is still a puppy at heart.

He's now considered a geriatric pooch with cataracts and arthritis. Yet he still greets us at the door with a wagging tail when we return home. He helped fill the void when our kids moved out, and I don't like contemplating life without him.

Even the squirrels we feed outside show him no respect because he makes no effort to chase them. I felt a need to tell you about Obie because some people would label him a "dangerous pit bull."

All he has ever shown us is unconditional love and I'm so thankful fate put our daughter at that grocery store all those years ago.


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