Letter: Tyranny has begun

February 17, 2014 

The executive branch is assigned to execute the laws passed by the legislative branch. The executive branch has one chance to object to laws, the veto. The executive is assigned by the Constitution to enforce them all.

Obamacare was passed by Congress. I hear it from leftists, "It's the law of the land!" Yes, Congress passed this monstrosity of a law, a punitive piece of legislation, in the middle of the night when the quorum of votes were just enough to squeak it through. We the people have to live with it until it can be changed.

It's such an economically damaging law that to ease the pain the Obama administration keeps delaying implementation of portions of the law. By virtue of the law itself, neither Obama nor his minions in any department, have the right to change the law. The delay of implementation is totally unconstitutional.

The vast majority of people realize Obamacare is a disaster and are happy to be relieved of the impending pain, ignoring the executive branch's usurpation of the law.

When the president is allowed the latitude to change or selectively enforce the law at will, the end of freedom is near and tyranny has begun.


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