Fast Focus: 'Do you support the state's immigration education fund?' Legalized robbery

February 16, 2014 

If I were to rob a store and give the money to my kids, do they get to keep it? No, because that is illegal, just like the current Dream Act our legislators have passed. Representatives Nealey, Walsh, Fagan and Chandler, all Republicans supposedly, voted to give my hard-earned tax dollars to illegal alien students -- free of charge. An estimated 800-1,000 illegal aliens, or as I call them "undocumented Democrats," could be eligible for millions of free state needs grants, while American students of middle-class families struggle to cover what loans don't.

There is talk of being unfair to these poor kids, being brought here as children by there parents. No one is keeping them here, feel free to go back to their native country. Better yet, apply those countries' laws relating to Americans' immigration and see how they are received.

This may seem harsh, but we as Americans need to take a stand and not let politicians manipulate this as just a way to get Hispanic votes. Let's work on this as a country founded on values and principles. Legislators Brown, Haler and Klippert voted no on this, and need to be commended for taking a stand for the working-class families.

-- BOB PARKS, Kennewick

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