Fast Focus: 'Do you support the state's immigration education fund?' We all need education

February 16, 2014 

Up front, yes, I do support the education fund -- any education fund -- state or national.

Many citizens might take issue with me when I write how our country has had a poor track record of financially supporting education. Skinflints, we seem to dole out the minimum -- teachers having to buy their own supplies, run down and overcrowded classrooms, instructors working a second job to make ends meet and outdated textbooks. All so sad.

We don't fear ignorance, but mention "terrorism" and the military gets bankrolled faster than you can recite your ABCs.

And in Olympia, somehow funding will be found for multi-million dollar stadiums despite voters' rejections. But more dollars for education? As soon take away tax breaks for Boeing!


My neighbor Barney tells me people will be angry when they see "immigration" in your question, thinking the state is "giving away the degrees" to illegal aliens. He expects to hear "bleeding-hearted liberals" decried in the many rants directed at this matter. He reminds me that to be eligible for these funds, an applicant must: 1) already have attended school, 2) graduated from high school, and 3) signed an affidavit stating the applicant has applied for legal status or will do so soon.

So, bienvenido, bienvenue, willkommen, welkom, powitanie, and croeso to all you incoming students from various parts of the globe. You are welcome and may all doors of learning be open to you: With your success I just might graduate to a better life.

-- BINK OWEN, Walla Walla

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