Letter Best: Doggone shame

February 16, 2014 

Back when I was a Herald reporter and wrote all those articles about Chocolate the dog, I never thought it was wrong for the community to donate so much money to repair his legs and give him a new lease on life. But I do think there's something wrong if we won't do as much for a fellow human in such need.

On Jan. 18, the Herald told the story of an amputee who needs help paying for a prosthetic leg and cancer treatment. Donations to help him and his family can be made at www.youcaring.com/ Mushtaq. As of Tuesday, only $3,190 has been donated through the website. By comparison, the community donated nearly $30,000 for Chocolate. Incidentally, that's the same amount this man needs for his care.

The Herald also has reported that students and staff at Badger Mountain Elementary School plan to sell copies of a 12th man group photo to raise money for this man. I hope others will help, too. The community literally saved Chocolate's life when it raised all that money for him. Contributing to this man's cause would help save his life, too.


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