Letter: Rabbit response

February 14, 2014 

In response to Darcy Sherman (Letters, Feb. 4) regarding "Doing your homework on a pet rabbit".

I am a 4-H Diamond Leader in Benton County promoting the rabbit project and have been educating our community and mentoring our youth for 20-plus years now. I give you my credentials to assure you of my knowledge before I attempt to correct Darcy's misinformed information regarding pet rabbits.

I do know that people need to do their homework before obtaining any kind of a pet. Attempting to educate one's self from the Internet can be extremely misleading. Always seek out local educators before believing what you read on the internet.

Sherman stated that pet rabbits need four hours of playtime or they become destructive. Any animal wants love and time of their owner every day. Bad owners make bad pets. Pet rabbits are clean animals that groom themselves daily and are fun and loving.

They do not require to be fixed and, yes, they don't want to be kept with other rabbits because they are solidary animals. I have never seen a rabbit live past eight years. My 4-H club with 50 youth members take pride in ownership, dedication of care with proper handling and knowledge in the rabbit project.


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