Letter: Keep cursive

February 14, 2014 

I commend classroom teachers in their efforts to provide a well-rounded education to our future leaders. I agree it is important to spend the majority of the school day on core subjects. However, learning should not be limited. There is value in whetting the interests of students with forays into curricula that do not directly lead to improvement in reading, writing and mathematic test scores.

As for the value of cursive penmanship in today's curriculum, the photos of the students practicing their cursive are proof enough. Where in reading, writing or mathematics are students so focused on very specific exactness?

Penmanship instruction develops hand-eye coordination, academic stamina and attention to one's own work. These skills are required in real world occupations. Surgeons, mechanics, dental hygienists, computer programmers, nurses, welders, chemists, engineers, framers, medical technologist, electricians, pharmacists, maintenance and repair technicians, phlebotomists and many other occupations require exacting skills. Keep cursive instruction in the curriculum. Insist on neat writing in daily assignments. Thank you teachers!


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