Basketball: Streufert, Hodgins win MCC awards

February 13, 2014 

The Richland High boys and the Chiawana girls basketball teams were rewarded for their strong regular seasons, cleaning up in the Mid-Columbia Conference all-league teams released Thursday.

Richland’s Nathan Streufert was named player of the year and defensive player of the year for the boys, while Chiawana’s Delaney Hodgins won the same awards on the girls side.

Earl Streufert was named coach of the year, while Riverhawks head man Steve Davis won the same award on the girls side.

Joining Streufert on the first team are teammates Payton Radliff and Jacob Devries. Kamiakin’s Kylle Robertson and Walla Walla’s Gabe Porter round out the first team.

On the girls side, Walla Walla’s Mikayla Ferenz and Madi Doepker, Hanford’s Colette Gall and Kamiakin’s Sira Toure joined Hodgins on the first team.

Both Richland High and Chiawana won regular-season titles, and will host District 5 title games Saturday against opponents yet to be determined. Both teams are three wins from reaching the state tournament. The Bombers made state last year, while Chiawana hasn’t been in three seasons.

Making the second team for the boys were Kennewick’s Mitchel Mueller, Chiawana’s Victor Koval, Walla Walla’s Ross Lake, Southridge’s Daniel Getchell and Richland’s Steven Beo.

Making the second team for the girls were Richland’s Kennedy Corrigan and Hailey Turner, Southridge’s Shyler Sullivan, Pasco’s Sierra Perez and Chiawana’s Braydey Hodgins.

Mid-Columbia Conference all-league Teams



Player of the year: Nathan Streufert, senior, wing, Richland

Defensive player of the year: Streufert

Coach of the year: Earl Streufert, Richland


Nathan Streufert; Payton Radliff, senior, guard, Richland; Jacob Devries, senior, guard, Richland; Kylle Robertson, senior, guard, Kamiakin; Gabe Porter, senior, guard, Walla Walla


Mitchel Mueller, senior, guard, Kennewick; Victor Koval, senior, forward, Chiawana; Ross Lake, senior, post, Walla Walla; Steven Beo, sophomore, guard, Richland; Daniel Getchell, senior, guard, Southridge


Wesley Henderson, senior, forward, Chiawana; Eric Klicker, senior, guard, Walla Walla; Kendall Watson, junior, guard, Hanford; Deion Singleton, senior, wing, Chiawana



Player of the year: Delaney Hodgins, senior, guard, Chiawana

Defensive player of the year: Hodgins

Coach of the year: Steve Davis, Chiawana


Hodgins; Mikayla Ferenz, junior, guard, Walla Walla; Colette Gall, senior, forward, Hanford; Sira Toure, senior, guard, Kamiakin; Madi Doepker, junior, forward, Walla Walla


Kennedy Corrigan, senior, guard, Richland; Braydey Hodgins, sophomore, guard, Chiawana; Shyler Sullivan, sophomore, guard, Southridge; Sierra Perez, junior, guard, Pasco; Hailey Turner, junior, forward, Richland


Bailey Cartwright, junior, wing, Chiawana; Holly Ellison, junior, guard, Kamiakin; Liddy Valle, junior, post, Pasco; Kendra Winchester, senior, post, Chiawana; Cierah Alferness, senior, forward, Chiawana

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