Letter: CREHST docents ready to help Reach

February 11, 2014 

Regarding the fate of docents at the Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology: As a retired-CREHST Docent, I am disappointed, discouraged and often a bit angry about the Reach plans and requirements for continuing my version of the Hanford Story at the Reach Interpretive Center.

As I have been informed, we old-obsolete octogenarian Hanford retirees can only volunteer as fully trained and qualified "Reach docents." We must not only be able to tell our story, we must also be able to support all exhibits, sell museum merchandise and who knows?

From input from other ex-CREHST docents, few if any of my category will volunteer. I believe the Reach and the Tri-Cities will lose a valuable resource opportunity. From my time at CREHST, I found visitors to be very interested and eager to know about our living Hanford experiences.

It reminds me of the Wanapum Dam Visitors Center 35 years ago, when the most popular exhibit was a living, breathing Chief Red Cloud. His stories are likely remembered by many from the Tri-Cities. I can see no reason why we can't be accepted as a separate and limited category volunteer. We can be a living exhibit similar to Chief Red Cloud.


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