Letter: Wealth is the reward for hard work

February 11, 2014 

Max Conner's Feb. 3 letter decrying the wealth of Bill Gates, ("Obscenity of extreme wealth"), though well intentioned, displays a fundamental ignorance of the place of wealth in our society. The supposition is that Gates somehow got his money unfairly and sits on top of a pile of money and gloats. Not so. Gates employs thousands of people. There have been thousands of others who have worked for or invested in Microsoft who have become rich because of it.

Then one must ask: What does he do with that wealth? He and other wealthy people buy buildings, employing people to build, decorate, furnish and maintain the buildings. He is charitable in using his wealth to support people and purposes that seem important to him.

One of the reasons that we have wealth in America is that we allow and encourage innovation. That creativity changes the world. We should applaud his success, then get to work ourselves. Too many bemoaning the wealth of others show a greedy and avaricious nature.

Great job to all you innovators and movers. You have made the world more interesting. If you get rich because of your work, all the better. American opportunities exist for all. Hard work required.


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