Letter: Let's value seniors and all who need extra help

February 11, 2014 

How do we value people? If we fail to honor the human state the majority will reach, senior years, how will we honor others with less common exceptionality?

In Japan on Sept. 15, they will celebrate Respect for Old People day. This was founded Sept. 15, 1947, as Old People's Day when the nation had a record number of individuals reach the age of 100. The Tri-City Herald recently ran a story about our growing number of American centurions, but most want to have good health when they become centurions. Let's make that occur.

Some senior citizens have experienced medical staff in multiple facilities who give up on people after a certain age. The staff recommend placement in a long-term care facility. Early baby boomers receive treatment, but may not regain independence immediately. Long-term care facilities, called rehabilitation centers, attempt to fill the gap while maintaining the previous mission. It could be an uncontrollable downward spiral without commitment to maximizing individual strengths.

How are we going to value our physically handicapped, mentally ill and sensory challenged if we can give up on citizens when age brings on similar problems? Let's honor all.


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