Letter: Vaccines beneficial

February 11, 2014 

In a recent newsletter distributed by a Pasco chiropractor was an article titled: "Why I chose not to vaccinate my children." I hope that anyone else who reads the disinformation within will disregard his baseless claims.

"I did a ton of research before my oldest ... was even born. Understand, my mom is a retired RN," he explained. Oh, good for her. So?

He offers anecdotal "evidence" of personal harm, blaming vaccines for his "horrible seasonal allergies." He said the books he has read convinced him not to vaccinate his children. "Not one ever had a problem. My kids went ... to private colleges ... and have never had a problem." Private college! Great! How is that evidence it's safe to not vaccinate?

He has an (anti-vaccination) lending library in his reception area and said he keeps "vaccine exemption forms on hand for the multitude of parents who listen."

"I looked at this as my job to at least make sure they were informed. I did my job and still do today." If his job is to irresponsibly use his perceived "expertise" to mislead nave parents into making decisions that are harmful to all our children, I'd say that's a job well done.


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