Letter: Expert scolding

February 9, 2014 

David Remick's treatise in the New Yorker magazine on President Obama offers an example of duplicity that vies for top spot along with the familiar "let them eat cake" quotation from French history.

The president flies to Seattle in his private 747. He and Valerie Jarrett board the multimillion-dollar presidential Cadillac limo for a drive to the home of a billionaire, where some 70 guests are waiting to hear Obama point out to them that making a lot of money is evil and that our national treasure needs to be re-distributed.

The event does help to alleviate that problem slightly as each guest has paid $16,000 to get this expert scolding from on high. This money goes into the Democratic campaign funds. According to the rules, Obama can only serve two terms. But maybe if we can return to the Reid-Pelosi regime, it might be possible to overturn the 22nd Amendment and extent the glorious reign for another four or even eight years. In the meantime, we find that for the first time in our history more than half of our working people are eligible for food stamps. Almost more than a body can take.

TOM BAKER, Waitsburg

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