Letter: Pasco bonuses warranted

February 9, 2014 

Thanks Pasco Council for doing it again!

It's a short book but worth the read. If the book were read by the right individuals, it would save a great deal of rhetoric in Pasco City Hall. The book: The Greatest Management Principle in the World by Michael le Boeuf. The Principle: "That which gets rewarded gets done!"

There is not an employee in the world who does not respond to bonuses and gratuities as a reward for a job well done. I have taught business management seminars throughout the world for more than 35 years. The Fortune 500 companies and thousands of businesses that have attended these events know that to catch people doing things right and rewarding them for it pays tremendous dividends.

Everyone wins; the company for rewarding their employees gains valuable loyalty; the employee is rewarded for good work; and the customer receives the benefits of great service and quality performance.

John Talbott's recent letter to the editor and his testimony at city hall continue to discredit those deserving of praise and incentive-based rewards. Not once have I heard him express an alternative program to growing quality staff and a loyal work force. I can only hope that John could somehow channel all this negative energy into positive ideas for the development of our future. Help the city you live in to be better; don't simply criticize those who are giving of their time to help their neighbors.

I applaud the council for their business developing foresight and thank those who have been recipients of the bonuses. Their service makes our lives better.


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