Fast Focus: 'Does Obama overuse the executive order?' We need leaders

February 9, 2014 

Probably. Perhaps what is worse is his threat to use his "pen and telephone" to go around Congress and his false statements to hide reality. Does schoolyard bully come to mind -- all about power? Would not taking a quiet leadership role that takes the first step to seriously engage Congress be a better strategy for the country to move forward vs the political tactic of publicly blame and threat used to try and gain a political point?

We know that half of Congress opposes the other half and that congressional leadership is also engaged in the political business not the country's business. Stalemate is bad for Americans as the important decisions don't get addressed -- only political one-up-manship. Come on Mr. President, man up and be a leader and dump the politics and lead the nation. Same goes for the Congress -- time to quit playing in the mud and be about the people's business.

-- LENNY PERKINS, Richland

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