Fast Focus: 'Does Obama overuse the executive order?' Misuse, not overuse

February 9, 2014 

President Obama doesn't overuse executive orders. He hasn't issued as many as some other presidents have. His problem is misuse of the orders, not overuse.

When the Executive Branch makes its own laws, then this is a serious problem. The authority to pass law is not granted by the Constitution to any branch but the Legislature.

The Executive Branch of government means execute and nothing else. The president swears with an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land -- those passed by Congress. He is to execute the laws whether he agrees with them or not. He issues executive orders to enforce laws passed by Congress. He is not to issue executive orders that have the effect of law, when there is no such law.

Picking and choosing which laws you want to execute and making law by executive order borders on tyranny. This doesn't bode well for the United States. Will the other branches of government ever have the intestinal fortitude to stop this?


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