Letter: Farm bill disaster

February 6, 2014 

The Herald's editorial board praised a "functioning Congress" for passing a bipartisan farm bill. In fact, it is an example of an out-of-control Congress irresponsibly logrolling the taxpayer and further adding to the unsustainable debt!

The Wall Street Journal called the 949-page special-interest bonanza a "gaudy spectacle that gives bipartisanship a bad name," a complete victory for the "entitlement and farm-subsidy status quo," and an "unholy alliance between urban Democrats and rural Republicans."

The Republicans caved (again) on necessary reforms, such as making food stamp eligibility contingent upon asset tests or work requirements as used to be the case.

Still existing are government controls on milk production, sugar industry trade protectionism, Obama's Christmas tree tax, food stamp subsidies linked to low heating assistance checks and handouts to agribusiness and millionaires!

The food stamp program doubled in cost from 2008 to $80 billion because of Obama's failed economic policies, but is only being cut by a paltry $16.5 billion (Congressional Budget Office estimate) while spending almost $1 trillion in 10 years. The savings will never occur, but the spending will!

The Washington Legislature must call an Article V Convention and pass amendments for term limits for the ruling class and balanced budgets!


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