Denver Seattle food banks win in potato bet

Tri-City HeraldFebruary 5, 2014 

Both Denver and Seattle food banks won when the Seahawks dominated the Super Bowl last weekend.

A wager between potato industry groups in Washington and Colorado wagered a donation of potatoes on the outcome of the game.

The bet was that for every point scored in Sunday's game, the organization from the state with the losing team would donate 500 pounds of potatoes to a food bank in the city of the winning team.

But the Washington State Potato Commission and the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee announced Wednesday that they would each donate 25,500 pounds of potatoes to food banks in the city of the opposite team.

Based on the Seahawks' 43-8 victory and the total of 51 points scored in the game, Colorado Potato Administrative Committee will send 25,500 pounds of potatoes to a food bank in Seattle.

The Washington State Potato Commission has decided to match the donation to a Denver food bank, according to a news release.

"In the end it isn't about who won or loss, it is about supporting food banks in each city in an effort to help families in need make ends meet," said Chris Voigt, Washington State Potato Commission executive director, in a statement.

Both organizations will work with food banks to arrange for the delivery of potatoes in the coming weeks. The donations should provide more than 76,500 servings of potatoes to people within both communities who rely on support from food banks.

Jim Ehrlich, Colorado Potato Administrative Committee executive director, also will make a trip to Seattle to promote Washington potatoes because of the wager.

The Washington State Potato Commission is seeking ideas of activities he will need to do during his visit. Submit ideas on the commission's Facebook page.

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