Letter: Destruction of Richland's concrete letters low on the list of outrages

February 4, 2014 

Our entire government is a waste pit of corruption and overt bribery. Corporations write the laws and pay congressmen of both parties to rubber stamp them. The job market is terrible and wages are being rolled back. Eventually, you'll be able to make more money on welfare than actually working a job.

Proven and admitted Wall Street criminals are deemed basically too rich to prosecute. "Affluenza" is actually successfully used to get a lenient sentence for a drunken driver, because "his parents never taught him any consequences." Children are gunned down in classrooms, chemicals befoul drinking water, our infrastructure crumbles around us; and the public yawns and turns the page.

But a public school official decides some crumbling old concrete letters on a hillside need dug up and, by golly, it's time for some heads to roll! We just can't stand for this! Light the torches and hand out the pitchforks!

(Sigh) My people, my people.

GARY COOK, Richland

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