Letter: Killer's prolonged execution elicits no sympathy

February 4, 2014 

A recent headline stated, "Ohio killer's execution takes almost 25 minutes." According to the article, the killer of a young pregnant mother suffered a phenomenon know as "air hunger," which caused him to suffer "agony and terror"and violated his "rights," his lawyer said. I wonder how much "terror and agony" the young pregnant mother experienced during her brutal stabbing.

Are we to feel sorry for this killer? What "rights" has he taken away from the young woman and her beautiful baby. My personal feelings are that the execution should have taken 50 minutes and I am glad that he suffered agony and terror during his final minutes on Earth. If I experienced my daughter or family member murdered like that, just give me a Louisville Slugger and lock me in the room with the killer and I would have taken care of the problem and saved the taxpayers some money.

JACK CULMER, West Richland

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