Letter: Qualities desired in next president

February 4, 2014 

Like many, I am loosing confidence in our chief executive (42 percent Gallop approval rating). We are all aware of broken promises associated with Obamacare. In addition, premiums were to be reduced. Unless one is receiving government subsidies, most are paying more. Recently, reported enrollment figures have been found to be suspect as well. Experts report the health care site is not secure. An insurance bailout is also on the horizon.

After the Benghazi attack, the president stated many times, including to the United Nations, that the attack was a spontaneous protest. The Senate Intelligence Committee released its report and we learn that the president was briefed within hours that the Benghazi situation was a well-planned military style terror attack, not a spontaneous protest. The president and the secretary of state misled the American people.

Open borders, selective enforcement of laws, increased poverty, extensive executive orders, IRS scandal, NSA surveillance, strained relations with allies and failing foreign policies do not paint a pretty picture.

Our next president, Republican or Democrat, must have prior successful executive experience and restore confidence by accepting responsibilities, telling the truth and doing what is promised.


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