Letter: Priorities misplaced

February 2, 2014 

We run and excuse our way from what's important in life and put credence on what isn't -- and not even bat an eye while doing it.

We will rush to save the snaildarter fish in California at the cost of thousands of acres of much-needed agricultural land. Some small logging towns go under while jobs perish and thousands of acres of timber sit idle to protect the spotted owl. Whales, harp seals,

wolves and other animals have their place but at what cost? Our thinking and priorities are absolutely skewed. But that's only a faction of the whole story.

If you look through the lens of equality and fairness at the law of man and see the injustice being done to our species, then you begin to understand the reality and pattern of abuse that has lasted for 41 years with Roe v. Wade and the realization that what we're doing is indeed wrong -- blatantly and patently wrong. Fifty-five million abortions since 1973 in our own war on America, but we'll sacrifice thousands of jobs and land to save a fish and not even bat an eye.


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