Fast Focus: 'Can faith and science coexist?' A couple of examples

February 2, 2014 

Can faith and science co-exist? Let's compare what science teaches with Christian beliefs.

Simple biology tells us that only the union of one man and one woman can result in the propagation of the species, without technological intervention. The natural result of this union is that children are born with a biological father and mother. The Christian faith teaches that God intends for one man and one woman to be united in a unique relationship in which the two become "one flesh." This union, which biology confirms is possible only between a man and a woman, reflects the image of the Creator, and is called marriage. Faith and science agree.

Biology also tells us that the normal healthy result of sexual intercourse is pregnancy. The female body holds the unique capacity for childbearing. The state of pregnancy is not a disease that must be treated with medication, but a normal healthy state. When this occurs within a stable marriage, it is usually an event to be celebrated. Christian belief agrees.

Biology tells us that the healthy female body has a natural balance of hormones. The use of artificial hormones or steroids is neither natural nor healthy. The birth control pill is classified by the Center for Disease Control as a class one carcinogen -- a cancer-causing agent -- yet we are all being forced to contribute to the distribution of contraception via our insurance premiums. Some birth control patches have caused otherwise healthy young women to suffer strokes and heart attacks at unprecedented rates, as the lawsuits demonstrate. The Catholic faith has always taught that artificial means of birth control would be detrimental to women. Faith and science agree.

Biology tells us that from the moment of conception, a human being with a unique genetic pattern comes into being. We all started from the same place. That tiny person only needs nourishment and time to grow. That new life is vulnerable, dependent, and helpless, but is already a separate being from its mother. All our natural parental instincts say that children should be nurtured and protected. The Christian faith agrees.


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