Fast Focus: 'Can faith and science coexist?' Fully understanding both

February 2, 2014 

Your question "Can faith and science co-exist?" is like answering the question "can a man wear his pants backwards?"

Science deals with materials and facts. Faith deals with facts and transcendental realities. Both are necessary to achieve a full understanding of the ultimate purpose of the human person and the created world. Properly understood, there can be no conflict between faith and science: What God created, man seeks to understand through the sciences. The majority of the outstanding leaders among scientists have been religious people, using material observations to come to conclusions that are scientifically true. These realities can also reveal a deeper, more transcendent truth about God's genius in creation and the ultimate purpose and goal of human existence that benefits all.

Church and faith are not, and should not be, separated from science by a wall of existence or by distinction in culture. Christian culture provides the sublime understanding of a life of love and forgiveness, lived as God intends. This is what our foundation as a nation has always been: We are one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all, which is objective reality with transcendent overload!

Freedom and liberty are also part of Christian faith, not separately co-existing, so put your pants on straight!

-- D.P. DILLON, Kennewick

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