Fast Focus: 'Can faith and science coexist?' Creation as an example

February 2, 2014 

Science is the exploration and documentation of our perceived environment including our own bodies. Faith is the exploration and, for some, documentation of the perceived and revealed (for Christians by God and the Bible) environment both physical and supernatural. Yes, they can both co-exist harmoniously. For example, one person may find evidence of environmental adaptation and ascribe evolution as genesis. I find through the Bible that God created the heavens and the earth and see God's phenomenal creativity moving throughout creation as genius adaptation for which we can create a term "evolution."

There actually is truth and people will ceaselessly seek to understand what is true via all available avenues. The difficulty is when people start to hypothesize things that contradict what is true. For example, that somehow out of nada, stuff starting morphing past the second law of thermodynamics and entropy into walking, talking, reproducing human beings capable of good and evil. Then science has veered so far off that it no longer represents the truth and is unsubstantiated speculation that contradicts the facts. Meanwhile, everyone is exercising faith daily. The critical point is who/what is your faith based on?

-- SHELLY HANSEN, West Richland

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