Andy Stirling's Super Bowl Adventure, Day 2

January 31, 2014 

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Seattle Seahawks football fan Andy Stirling

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As if Andy Stirling and his friends have enough reason to dislike the Denver Broncos, Wes Welker dis’d them on Friday afternoon.

Stirling, from Kennewick, and his pals — Jeff Blackwood of Portland and Joe Corr of Seattle — are in New York City this week as they prepare to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The trio of Seattle Seahawks fans was exploring the Big Apple, heading south away from Broadway and toward southern Manhattan when they ran into Welker, the Broncos’ diminutive wide receiver.

“He refused to take a picture with us because we were in our Seahawks gear,” Stirling texted to the Herald. “Wow! Ha ha. He’s a little fella.”

The Seahawks fans didn’t let it bother them, though.

They continued on toward the Freedom Tower, where they planned to get their picture taken, then headed over to the Empire State Building to do the same.

They stopped by a New York City firehouse and had their picture with the flag taken with some of the firemen.

They also had their picture taken with the Naked Cowboy, a regular tourist attraction who plays his guitar in Times Square.

“We’re in our Legion of Boom outfits,” said Stirling. “Sherman, Chancellor and Thomas jerseys. We’re trying to send a message to New York that we’re here.”

So are some of their friends.

“We’re starting to see a lot more Seahawks and Broncos fans around town,” said Stirling. “Although there are not as many of them as I thought there’d be right now. Maybe they’re waiting to come in Saturday.”

The guys say that Seahawks fans have definitely outnumbered their Broncos counterparts around town — though not by an outstanding margin.

“When the Seahawks played the Steelers (in the 2006 Super Bowl) in Detroit, Steelers fans outnumbered the Seahawks fans 20 to 1,” said Stirling.

This time around, though, the Seahawks fans are welcome.

Take Thursday night’s visit to Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, for example.

Blackwood said he’s always been a big Jay-Z fan, and he called the club last week to get a reservation for the three of them.

When they arrived, they were told that the place was holding a private event.

Through the club’s mixup, the hostess decided to let them in with their Seahawks gear on.

“They handed us a free drink,” said Blackwood. “All of the celebrities there (Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, Frank Ocean), everyone was just hanging out. No one realized we were not supposed to be there. We were in the wrong place at the right time.”

Blackwood also wanted to get the credit he deserved, saying he was the one who had the foresight to reserve bus tickets for the three on Sunday to get out to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for the big game — not Stirling.

So perhaps Corr should get the credit for ice skating at Rockefeller Center on Thursday, showing off the 12th Man flag.

“We had the Legion of Boom jerseys on,” said Corr. “We took some video of us, and we survived with all of our limbs intact. While you’re in New York City, you have to go ice skating.”

The guys also spent some time Friday back in Times Square at the NFL Experience exhibition, after getting just a little sleep.

“I think we’re having to work on pure adrenalin right now,” said Corr.

They spent some time at Macy’s, where the NFL has a huge store set up with team apparel.

“We loaded up,” said Stirling.

But one thing they wouldn’t do is go near the Lombardi Trophy, the award given to the Super Bowl champion.

Perhaps it’s because they’re a bit superstitious.

“We will not go near the Lombardi Trophy until the Seahawks win it,” said Stirling.

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