Andy Stirling's excellent Super Bowl adventure

January 30, 2014 

Andy Stirling Win14

Seattle Seahawks football fan Andy Stirling

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Kennewick’s Andy Stirling knew this was going to be a great season for the Seattle Seahawks.

So back in October, he and his pals — Jeff Blackwood of Portland and Joe Corr of Seattle — decided to hedge their bets.

They made airline reservations to New York and reserved a hotel room in Times Square — back when prices were much cheaper than they are now.

After taking the red eye flight from Portland on Wednesday night, the trio landed in New York at 6 a.m. Thursday to partake in the Super Bowl and all the festivities.

Stirling, the vice president, relationship manager for US Bank for the Tri-Cities region, went to the last Seahawks Super Bowl game in Detroit in 2006.

He shared his escapades with Tri-City Herald readers back then, and he’s going to do it again — with the help of buddies Blackwood and Corr.

“All of us at one time or another have been Seahawks season ticket holders,” said Stirling. “Jeff and I are on the waiting list right now, which is around 4,000.”

The trio was scheduled to arrive in Manhatten on Thursday morning, drop their bags at the hotel they were checking into in Times Square, then go get their Super Bowl tickets from a private seller.

“They’re supposed to be at the 5-yard line, behind the Seahawks bench, on the 100 level,” Stirling said.

They were heading to bed around 1 a.m. today after getting just a 3-hour nap in the hotel Thursday afternoon. That’s been it. They couldn’t sleep on the red eye.

They also went to where Good Morning America was being broadcast Thursday morning, standing in the window and unveiling the 12th Man flag. GMA Tweeted the photo.

The three went to Club 40/40 on Thursday night.

“We stumbled on to a private party where they are giving out free drinks and food,” Stirling said Thursday night. “Oh and by the way, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and DeSean Jackson are all here. Full access, it’s insane!”

Meanwhile, the threesome took the 12th Man flag around Manhattan during the day, posing in front of a New York City police car, and posing with life-sized Muppets characters as well as Mario.

Today, Stirling and his pals have tickets to the NFL Experience Driven by GMC.

“It’s 13 blocks of NFL stuff on Broadway, with transporttation cut off everywhere,” Stirling said.

There will be an autograph stage, a Super Bowl memorabilia show, a collection of 46 Super Bowl rings, a replica of what an NFL locker room looks like, shopping and interactive games.

Tonight, Stirling got reservations for an Irish bar called Carlow East, just a few blocks east of Central Park.

“They’re having a great big 12th Man rally there,” said Stirling. “It’s a big Seahawks supporter during the season.”

On Saturday, the guys have VIP tickets to the DirecTV Beach Bowl, which is at the Hudson River Park Pier 40. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will hold a concert right after the event.

“They’re putting one million pounds of sand right by the Hudson,” said Stirling.

The big thing the guys are there for — the game — will have its own problems. Stirling said he had to reserve transportation to the stadium.

The NFL won’t allow cars or taxis out to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

“You have to take one of two modes of transportation,” said Stirling. “Either the train or the bus. I made a reservation for the three of us to take the bus out there at 1:30 p.m. (EST). If you remember back in Detroit, we took the bus to the game there. But we had to wait in line for two hours. Reservations should be better.”

w Editor’s note: Follow Stirling on Twitter at @DorsNation

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