Letter: Richland Library fines excessive

January 30, 2014 

The Richland Public Library has been a source of enjoyment for many people. It boasts a variety of books, magazines, movies, CDs, etc. The only disadvantage of our fine library is the amount of fines we are expected to pay.

In the course of the four to five years that the new library has been open, it has raised overdue fines from 20 cents to 50 cents per book, per day.

The library is funded from the public purse, also known as the taxpayers. But the same taxpayers are the ones who spend a lot of money to clear their fines. This inflation of the fine prices makes reading become a hassle. The library also prevents a lot of people from getting their own library cards.

A library card is fun to get, but the struggle to remember deadlines and not have to pay those sky high fees is all too real. This, in part, cuts down on kids reading, because many parents don't want to worry about a book being misplaced or late. Let's face our future -- an application like Netflix is so much easier than a library card because you pay your monthly subscription, and watch/do whatever you want.


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