Letter -- Pasco schools: Yes

January 30, 2014 

I am voting for the Pasco School District's maintenance and operations levy. I am co-chairman for Pasco Citizens For Better Schools Committee. Our focus is to raise awareness and encourage your yes vote. School districts offer factual information and answer questions about the need for the levy.

This is a two-year replacement levy -- one goes off, one comes on. The proposed rate is the same $4.51 per thousand as the 2012 request, but historically, levy rates have been less thanks to our growing tax base.

Pasco has experienced record growth for more than a decade, putting incredible strain on our school system. This has created frustrating issues for parents such as boundary changes and overcrowding. I ask that you separate those issues from the need for this levy. Your yes vote is vital to every student in every classroom in every school.

Levy failures are devastating to school districts and students. If there is a levy failure twice in one year, then 20 percent of the budget would be lost, costing jobs, programs and services. After the devastating 1972 double levy failure, for example, it took us 35 years to recover the orchestra program, which is again thriving in our schools. Let's not repeat that history.

Please support all of our children's schools with your yes vote!


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