Letter: For heart sugery, there's no place like home

January 29, 2014 

Six years ago, I was rushed to Kadlec Regional Medical Center's emergency room, where I was diagnosed with an aortic dissection.

Immediate surgery was a "must." Fortunately, there was a cardiac surgeon in the hospital.

After some discussion about where to have the surgery, I decided to have it done at Kadlec by Dr. Juan Cordero.

The other option was Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane. Here in Richland, many of us had been programmed to think that Sacred Heart was the place to go for open heart surgery.

Cordero was agreeable to make arrangements in Spokane for my surgery. The weather was bad and the doctors in Spokane recommended the surgery be done at Kadlec because time was of the essence.

My surgery was done at Kadlec in 2007. Cordero and his team did an excellent job of repairing my aorta, which had dissected all the way down to my leg.

I am aware that we have an excellent cardiac care unit at Kadlec. I know many people who have had successful heart surgeries at Kadlec.

The point I am trying to make is -- We no longer have to travel to Spokane, Seattle or Portland for heart-related surgeries. We are in good hands right here at home in Richland.


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