Letter: Thanks CREHST volunteers for historical effort

January 29, 2014 

Here's to the volunteers who made the the Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science & Technology such a valuable community asset for almost 20 years.

They shared their experiences and knowledge with anyone who wandered in. Few people truly know how much those volunteers meant to the staff. Their stories and friendships will truly be missed. Museums often aren't fully appreciated until they are gone. Without it to visit, the young and future generations suffer the greatest loss.

While the legacy will live on in our memories, I encourage those who shared stories to continue to do so. Volunteer to speak to local classes, do an oral history, or write down your life story so future generations, related or not, will know what a contribution you made to, frankly, history. Start new traditions, meeting others from CREHST for coffee or lunch, or organize a monthly get together. While we may all go our separate ways, it is safe to say that CREHST played a role in all of our lives. I know that a simple thank you will never be enough for so much time, energy, passion and commitment but that is all I can say, thank you.


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