Spud bet set for Super Bowl

January 29, 2014 

— Two industry groups that represent potato growers in Washington and Colorado have made a friendly wager on the result of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Depending on which team wins, the Washington State Potato Commission or the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee will donate potatoes to food banks from the winning state.

For every point scored by the Seahawks and Broncos in the Sunday game, 500 pounds of potatoes will be donated to a food bank in the city of the winning team by the group from the losing team’s state.

Chris Voigt, Washington State Potato Commission executive director, said in a statement, “We can’t wait to have the Seahawks win 47-3 and see 25,000 pounds of Colorado potatoes make their way up to a food bank in Seattle. But if by some miracle, or special treatment by the refs, Denver is able to pull out the victory then we will donate to one of their food banks.”

Jim Ehrlich, the Colorado committee director, countered in a statement, “the Broncos will win and Washington state will be donating potatoes to a food bank in Denver. Although it is not really fair since Colorado potatoes are better tasting.”

Voigt said he’s concerned Colorado won’t have enough potatoes to cover the bet.

“Washington state is home to the most productive potato fields in the world and last year our growers produced over 9.5 billion pounds of potatoes,” he said. “So we have nothing to fear since we have the superior team and superior potatoes.”

Ehrlich said the real winner will be a local food bank in Seattle or Denver. “We are just hoping for a high score either way,” he added.

On top of the spud donation, the executive director or a grower from the state with the losing team will travel to the state of the winning team and wear a potato costume and the winning team’s jersey to promote the winning state’s potatoes.

Check out the Facebook pages of each group for banter throughout the week.

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