Letter: Suggestion for Tri-City slogan

January 28, 2014 

A Tri-Cities "brand," or perception, that sets the area apart from the rest of the Northwest can't hang on recreation, wineries and 300 days of sunshine, according to Roger Brooks, the expert hired by Tri-City agencies to create a brand (Herald, Jan.24).

On the negative side, overcoming outsiders' perception of Hanford is a challenge. On the positive side, the unique attraction of hiking Badger Mountain as a prelude to visiting a winery sets us apart.

Perhaps we can overcome the negative by associating it with the positive.

Badger Mountain was carved out of the terrain by the Ice Age floods from prehistoric, glacial Lake Missoula. The floods left behind extensive, dramatic features -- such as Dry Falls -- north and east of the Tri-Cities. Numerous recreational hiking trails and road tours of those unique features are laid out in the two books by local geologist Bruce Bjornstad.

The Pasco Basin geography created by the floods was one of the reasons Col. Franklin Matthias chose the site for the construction of Hanford.

A slogan is not a brand, but it can be an effective part of a promotional campaign. Here's my suggestion.

"Tri-Cities, Washington: Where the Ice Age met the Nuclear Age."


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