Hockey violence sets bad example for Tri-City youth

January 28, 2014 

As I write this, my granddaughter is suffering through another year of bullying at a middle school in Florida.

Last year, there were two death threats against her from two different bullies -- one male and one female. As a grandparent, I worry and wonder why. All one has to do is open our local newspaper. I recently opened the sports section to see two hockey players trying to punch each other in the face.

I was at recent game and watched the crowd rise, foaming at the mouth and cheering on this destructive and wasteful procedure. There were many youngsters in the house. What are the messages these young ones are receiving here?

Could it be it's a good thing to smash your neighbor's face in? It is good to end a hockey player's career by causing him physical harm? I challenge all the awesome young athletes on the Americans hockey team to set an example for the world to see and not throw off the gloves and helmets for a hurt-thy-neighbor slugfest. Think of the youngsters first and remember they look up to their hockey heroes and marvel at their special powers. Go Tri-City Americans!

JOE STERBA, Richland

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