Letter: Stop complaining and work to replace Richland's letters

January 28, 2014 

Letter: Stop complaining and work to replace Richland's letters

Recently someone called me a "kid" for suggesting that talks about the Richland High School concrete letters should focus on remedying the issue, and claimed I know nothing of tradition or pride. Excuse me? I'm a senior at Richland, who almost decided on going to University of Washington for a degree in history. UW has one of the best history departments in the nation. I also spend countless hours performing with the band and music programs at the school and made it a personal mission to help as many freshmen as I could this year. Call me crazy, but I do have some understanding of history, tradition and pride.

Yelling at the board to do something can only do so much. Blasting the board for a mistake can only do so much. Voting down the upcoming levy will only hurt students in the district. That may get people's frustration out, but we will still have dirt holes in the ground where tradition used to be.

I pride Bombers and our community for buckling down when things need to get done, and yelling at the board is doing neither. Focus should be on coming up with ways to replace the letters, not blasting the board.


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