Letter: Pasco council hands out bonuses again

January 28, 2014 

Gary Crutchfield

Gary Crutchfield will retire Friday as Pasco city manager.

On Jan. 21, the Pasco City Council, led by Matt Watkins, passed an ordinance based upon council discussions regarding Gary Crutchfield's performance for the past year. It was determined, in executive session, to give him merit pay in the amount of $8,000 This simply represents merit pay continuing the practice of the last 20 years or so.

Since 2000, Crutchfield has received in excess of $ 100,000 in merit pay awards. The council members refused to disclose the basis for the award except to say he did an outstanding job. In reviewing pasco city manager's duties, defined in the Pasco Municipal Code, it would seem an employee earning in excess of $150,000 annually plus benefits approaching 30 percent would be expected to perform above and beyond.

Additionally, the council authorized the city manager to give merit pay to his subordinates amounting to $50,000 for 2013.

So goes the people's money and so goes the increases in fees and taxes. They will tell you taxes don't go up in Pasco. Well, just look at the ever-increasing property assessments and tell me the taxes don't go up.

You get what you vote for!


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