Letter: My progressive friends make no sense

January 27, 2014 

According to my progressive friends, I've lost. I live in a country where passing debt onto future generations is not immoral, but obligatory. There is literally no ceiling to our debt potential.

I live in a country where the notion of sovereignty counts for nothing. I live in a country that states that the rule of law is arbitrary. We can rewrite the rules ad nauseum. It's a living document after all.

I've been told that the standard of natural law, upon which our Constitution was founded, is in error. That the wants of the individual are subservient to the needs of the many, regardless of their capriciousness. I have been told I have no need to defend myself from my fellow travelers or my government. And that I will be my brother's keeper, by their definition -- or else.

It begs the question: Why should I bother? They don't provide standards. They don't provide stability, and they don't provide a future. Their only answer is " the greater good," yet they cannot define it.

They expect me to take all of this on faith in my fellow man, while they laugh at man's faith in a higher power. It makes no sense.

JEREMY OWEN, Kennewick

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