Letter: Support your schools

January 27, 2014 

With many local school districts seeking voter approval for levies this year, I would like to urge voters to vote "yes" on these school operations levies.

Levy dollars are used to supplement state funds to support smaller class sizes, provide updated technology, support health and safety and pay for athletics and extracurricular activities. Most school districts would not be able to offer athletic and extracurricular activities without levy funds, and many would have to make deep cuts that would severely affect the quality of education our students receive.

Whether you live in Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, Finley, Prosser or another area, remember that you are not voting for a new tax, but for a replacement or renewal of the current levy you are already paying. And you're voting for the total levy amount, not the X dollars per thousand you see. As our area continues to grow, that levy amount will be spread over more taxpayers, so you could end up paying less. Quality education is one of the most important needs in a community. Levies are essential in providing that. On behalf of the Home Builders Association of Tri-Cities, please vote yes on your local levy!


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