Letter -- Pasco schools: Yes

January 27, 2014 

It is that time again. The time for each of us to step up in support of our Pasco children! It is important that we vote yes to renew our Pasco school levy. The last levy is expiring and we must replace it to be sure that our students receive the education they deserve. Levy dollars fill a large gap in our school district budget.

As a retired school principal, I am aware of the affect that the levy dollars have on each and every student. As a mother and grandmother, I have been thankful for the physical education, art, library, tennis, band and drama programs. Many school programs would not be offered or would be scaled back if not for levy dollars.

We must help to ensure that Pasco children receive the education that fills their needs. Remember that levy dollars are for learning. Ballots will be in your mailbox soon. Please stand with me in voting yes for Pasco Students. They are counting on us to do our part.


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