Letter: No Jewish state

January 26, 2014 

Reaction to the Bloomberg News editorial, "Israel, Palestine still can find way to divide into two states," reprinted in the Jan. 9 Tri-City Herald.

Bloomberg states: "It ought not to be a big deal for Palestinian leaders to acknowledge that Israel is Jewish State."

What a disgusting idea. Inflaming the masses with racist and religious slogans will not accomplish stability or peace. (There is, if nobody noticed, a difference between, say, a Jewish homeland and a Jewish State.)

Israel is not a Jewish state now, nor will it ever be. Israel is a modern, secular state, with religious and non-religious people: liberal Jews, Orthodox Jews, Baha'i, atheists, and yes, Palestinians.

A nation governed by one religion or race is not, and can never be, a free country. No Catholic, Muslim, Hindu or atheistic states for me. Thanks.

By definition, a "Jewish state," is one based on a racism (descendents of Jacob) and religious bigotry.

Until Palestinians and Jews change the conversation and invent their own "Land of the Free," all treaties are pathways to war and political unrest, not peace.


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