Letter: Richland's concrete letter situation disturbing

January 26, 2014 

Letter: Richland's concrete letter situation disturbing

The removal of the gargantuan concrete letters from Fran Rish stadium has recently dominated public attention. Richland School Board member Rick Jansons made a professional statement in which he claimed that the school board first heard of the removal plan post mortem, and had not been consulted for approval. However, he took immediate responsibility, offering $500 of his own money toward the letters' replacement.

As a senior at Richland High School, I find it odd that such an extraordinary action was able to be taken with the school board being consummately unaware. The board members make decisions directly affecting youth education, no task to be taken lightly. I put my faith in their ability to lead my school's administration and Richland's students. Excellent leaders pay meticulous attention to events occurring within their jurisdiction, and are critical components in discussion of any major action taken within their group. They also work as equals with their followers to build a balanced community where all inputs are valued and considered in the decision-making process.

Obviously, none of this took place.

If this decision was made entirely under the radar, what else has slipped through the cracks?

Frankly, I'm disturbed.

DENIN KOCH, Richland

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