Letter: Ready to cheer for Chiawana

January 26, 2014 

I was shocked and quite honestly disappointed to learn that the superintendent of Pasco schools postponed plans to bestow a National to our State championship high school football team Chiawana during a recent basketball game because they were playing Pasco High that night. Our Mid-Columbia teams contributed in helping them be the football team they are. We were a part of that. It is a time for our community to come together and give praise where praise is deserved.

Don't take away an opportunity for our community to grow up and support a team that gave its all up to the last second of the game. Help our future adults in our community stand up and mature with the opportunity to do this. You cannot expect your city to come together if opportunities for children to grow are never given. Does Pasco hold its students in such a low regard to think they can not handle cheering for their area's winners?

I would ask Pasco to Let the team be honored. And please don't insult our community by telling us it is some other reason.


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