Fast Focus 'What can the Tri-Cities to do better reserve open spaces?' Last open space

January 26, 2014 

I am thrilled to read about how we value open space in the Tri-Cities! It increases my confidence that we truly know what brings us happiness and makes us feel good about life.

Right now, Hayden Homes is planning to completely level Amon Basin, which lies directly next to Amon Creek Nature Preserve, off Leslie Road. This land is open shrub-steppe habitat and is the home to black-tailed jackrabbits, coyotes and so many more reptiles and birds. Wouldn't it be amazing if Hayden Homes decided to donate that land to Tapteal Greenway, or some group that focuses on preserving open space for our health, enjoyment and the sheer beauty of it all?

Could we convince the city of Richland to not accept any proposed development of this amazing little treasure in our town?

Amon Basin is pretty much the last open land left for the Tri-Cities that is within city limits and unaltered. If saved from development, can you imagine what this little "Central Park" could do for tourism, overall health, and property values of the surrounding area? I can!

Visit to learn more.

-- LAUREN CASLIN, Kennewick

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