Fast Focus 'What can the Tri-Cities to do better reserve open spaces?' Money to preserve

January 26, 2014 

I assume the local government or private organizations must own or have control of whatever open space we are trying to preserve. This requires money. The Tapteal Greenway has been doing an excellent job the last few years by cleaning up and developing paths in the Chamna Preserve and along the Yakima River. They would do a lot more if they had funds to buy more land. One of their goals is to develop a trail that would stretch all the way to Benton City.

If the local governments could raise the necessary funds and work in cooperation with Tapteal Greenway, I think much could be accomplished. We all know the fantastic success of Badger Mountain. Now the Friends of Badger are trying to develop more trails and preserve more local hills. Government cooperation would certainly help.

Funding could be obtained by additional taxes or borrowing of course or we could charge for the use of existing facilities. A small fee like a dollar to launch a boat or climb Badger seems reasonable. Personally I would favor taxation as proposed in a recent Tri-City Herald editorial.

In addition to open spaces, I believe that we need to develop more recreation opportunities along the Yakima River.


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