Letter Best: Disheartening discord

January 26, 2014 

The Kiona-Benton School District is not only my alma mater but my home. To see the progression of such negative behavior among people who were my friends, teachers, administrators and citizens is not only shocking, but depressing.

I have came to the conclusion that somewhere down the road, whether it was the growth of social media or word-of-mouth, that people forgot to treat people like people. Even the recent issue of our school superintendent resigning is an example. Regardless of mine or anyone's biases, he is above all a man, father, son and member of this community. To see and hear celebration over his departure that has taken place is disheartening!

Ki-Be, home of the Bears, is a special place with many supportive community members, but enough is enough. It shouldn't matter if you're part of a union or disagree with someone's tactics. Our country was built on controversy, so why is it that we cannot do so in a peaceful manner?

Your opinions or even a union is not a shield to hide behind. It is a fundamental privilege to dispute issues. I respectfully call upon all members of the Benton City community to change. Change this perspective for the future of the place you and I call home!


Benton City

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