Chiawana wrestlers win Dream Duals

January 25, 2014 

The Chiawana wrestling team took a big step in getting some statewide respect for the program, winning the Washington Dream Duals in Spokane on Saturday at East Valley High School.

The Riverhawks topped Rogers of Puyallup 35-30, Mead 34-32 before finishing up with a 36-33 win over Todd Beamer.

“It’s the first year I’ve ever won it, even when I was at Pasco. We finished second in the state (at Pasco in 2007) and we were second at Dream Duals that year,” Chiawana coach Jack Anderson said. “It’s a pretty good accomplishment. It lets us know where we are among the other top teams in the state.”

Several Riverhawks wrestlers had memorable days, including Tyler Vargas, who swept three matches at 170 pounds to improve to 26-5 on the year. Freshman Nathan Bengen won all three matches at 106 pounds, and Abzael Loeza went 2-1 — his only loss being a 4-0 decision to No. 2 ranked Mason Ju of Mead.

“We didn’t realize we were going to wrap (the title) up until the very last match (against Todd Beamer),” Anderson said. “Blake Bishop was taking his SATs so we put in a sophomore, Corey Johnson, and all he needed to do was not get pinned.”

Johnson lost an 18-7 major decision but didn’t get pinned.

At East Valley HS, Spokane

Round 1: Chiawana 35, Rogers (Puyallup) 30

132 - Bryce Buckley (Chiawana) over Jorell Leonen (Rogers) Maj 14-2. 138 - Troy Wilson (Rogers) over Jacob Garcia (Chiawana) Fall 1:56. 145 - Ty Wilson (Rogers) over Masen Brown (Chiawana) Fall 3:01. 152 - Brandon Brenenstahl (Rogers) over Jadin Salazar (Chiawana ) Fall 5:45. 160 - Jovanis Rodriguez (Rogers) over Corey Johnson (Chiawana) Fall 3:24. 170 - Tyler Vargas (Chiawana) over Spencer O`neil (Rogers) Maj 10-2. 182 - Tevita Feiloakitau (Rogers) over Clayton Johnson (Chiawana) Dec 8-3. 195 - Braylon Hanson (Chiawana) over Arjay Dimailig-akana (Rogers) Dec 10-6. 220 - Levi Mcbride (Chiawana) over Elijah Albro (Rogers) Fall 0:48. 285 - Abzael Loeza (Chiawana) over Noah Howell (Rogers) Fall 4:58. 106 - Nathan Bengen (Chiawana) over Kyle Kroneman (Rogers) Fall 3:38. 113 - Yusufu Deen-conteh (Rogers) vs Christian Segura (Chiawana). 120 - Beau Shatto (Rogers) over Ezra Cazier (Chiawana) Dec 6-2. 126 - Josiah Cazier (Chiawana) over Foster Barragan (Rogers) Fall 0:45.

Round 3: Chiawana 34, Mead 32

145 - Sam Davis (Mead) over Masen Brown (Chiawana) Maj 12-1. 152 - Jadin Salazar (Chiawana) over Zach Kies (Mead) Fall 3:30. 160 - Daeri Alderman (Mead) over Corey Johnson (Chiawana) Fall 3:06. 170 - Tyler Vargas (Chiawana) over Beau Fickle (Mead) Maj 13-5. 182 - Kevin Mclean (Mead) over Braylon Hanson (Chiawana) Fall 2:12. 195 - Clayton Johnson (Chiawana) over Tom Munding (Mead) Dec 4-2. 220 - Mason Ju (Mead) over Abzael Loeza (Chiawana) Dec 4-0. 285 - Cameron Silvers (Chiawana) over Jason Goodman (Mead) Fall 3:01. 106 - Nathan Bengen (Chiawana) over Nick Swartz (Mead) Fall 3:19. 113 - Matt Petrini (Mead) over Christian Segura (Chiawana) Dec 7-2. 120 - Ezra Cazier (Chiawana) over Zach Bade (Mead) Dec 5-4. 126 - Josiah Cazier (Chiawana) over Max Peterson (Mead) Fall 1:50. 132 - Hunter King (Mead) over Bryce Buckley (Chiawana) Fall 3:13. 138 - Tate Leclaire (Mead) over Jacob Garcia (Chiawana) Maj 9-1.

Round 4: Chiawana 36, Todd Beamer 33

160 - Jadin Salazar (Chiawana) over James Edwards (Todd Beamer) Fall 1:12. 170 - Tyler Vargas (Chiawana) won by forfeit. 182 - Clayton Johnson (Chiawana) won by forfeit. 195 - Kj Skannal (Todd Beamer) over Clayton Johnson (Chiawana) Fall 0:49. 220 - Abzael Loeza (Chiawana) over Gabe Mojarro (Todd Beamer) Fall 2:40. 285 - Cameron Silvers (Chiawana) won by forfeit. 106 - Nathan Bengen (Chiawana) over David Njuguna (Todd Beamer) Fall. 1:26. 113 - Brett Dykman (Todd Beamer) over Christian Segura (Chiawana) Maj 13-2. 120 - Malik Messiah (Todd Beamer) over Ezra Cazier (Chiawana) Fall 3:23. 126 - Jordan Rhodes (Todd Beamer) over Josiah Cazier (Chiawana) Dec 8-6. 132 - Brian Dykman (Todd Beamer) over Bryce Buckley (Chiawana) Maj 11-3. 138 - Haftom Tafere (Todd Beamer) over Jacob Garcia (Chiawana) Dec 8-4. 145 - Sean Van earwage (Todd Beamer) over Masen Brown (Chiawana) Dec 9-4. 152 - Adrian Avena (Todd Beamer) over Corey Johnson (Chiawana) Maj 18-7.

Pasco wrestlers 2nd

The Pasco Bulldogs took second at the Heritage wrestling tournament in Vancouver. “It was a good tournament for the kids. They wrestled hard,” Bulldogs coach Jay Covington said.

Pasco High (PH) d. Fife

106: Bobby Guzman, PH, Forfeit; 113: Patrick Torres, PH, Fall, Anthony Ortiz, FIF, 1:11; 120: Victor Ramirez, PH, Fall, Anthony Bevilacquo, FIF, 4:41; 120: Luis Ochoa, PH, Major Decision, David Knight, FIF, 14-3; 132: Glen Robertson, FIF, Decision, Timmy Martinez, PH, 4-6; 145: Zack Volk, FIF, Fall, Luis Velazco, PH, 3:11; 145: Brad Reddaway, FIF, Major Decision, David Kucheravy, PH, 6-14; 152: Anthony Sagasategui, PH, Fall, Bobby Jackson, FIF, 4:45; 160: Anthony Burrows, PH, Fall, Logan Wilder, FIF, 1:56; 170: Genadiy Kucheravy, PH, Fall, Carson Pugh, FIF, 1:23; 182: Christian Vazquez, PH, Fall, Tanner Knapp, FIF, 2:59; 220: Roman Cortez, PH, Decision, Alan Richards, FIF, 6-2; 220: Awestyn Shover, PH, Fall, Spences Pedroni, FIF, 1:04; 285: Audie Pearson, PH, Fall, Monike Sarte, FIF, 4:31.

Pasco High (PH) d. Hockinson

106: Bobby Guzman, PH, Fall, Michael Strickland, HOC, 03:01; 113: Patrick Torres, PH, Forfeit; 120: Luis Ochoa, PH, Forfeit; 126: Victor Ramirez, PH, Fall, Tyler Delay, HOC, 04:20; 132: Timmy Martinez, PH, Fall, Nate Lazzaretto, HOC, 01:28; 138: Schuyler Killian, PH, Fall, Dylan Rodjers, HOC, 02:43; 145: David Kucheravy, PH, Forfeit; 160: Anthony Burrows, PH, Fall, Donni Oja, HOC, 01:13; 170: Genadiy Kucheravy, PH, Fall, Joe Davis, HOC, 01:13; 182: Christian Vazquez, PH, Fall, Anthony Heaton, HOC, 05:08; 195: Roman Cortez, PH, Fall, Ryan Bishop, HOC, 02:44; 220: Aaron Burns, HOC, Fall, Awestyn Shover, PH, 02:14; 285: Fft, HOC, Fall, Audie Pearson, PH, 01:41.

Pasco High (PH) d. Colville

106: Tj Baun, COL, Major Decision, Bobby Guzman, PH, 11-3; 113: Patrick Torres, PH, Decision, Alex Linn, COL, 5-4; 120: Luis Ochoa, PH, Forfeit; 126: Timmy Martinez, PH, Fall, Austin Dorrough, COL, 01:19; 132: Jesse Morrison, COL, Major Decision, Schuyler Killian, PH, 16-4; 138: Tyler Ward, COL, Fall, David Kucheravy, PH, 1:45; 145: Tan Cox, COL, Decision, Luis Velazco, PH, 6-2; 145: David Kucheravy, PH, Decision, Ebraham Babajan, HER, 9-4; 152: Ben Knight, COL, Fall, Anthony Sagasategui, PH, 00:54; 160: Trenton Welton, COL, Fall, Anthony Burrows, PH, 02:59; 170: Riley Smith, COL, Fall, Genadiy Kucheravy, PH, 02:28; 182: Brock Vanq, COL, Fall, Christian Vazquez, PH, 04:28; 195: Roman Cortez, PH, Forfeit; 220: Awestyn Shover, PH, Fall, Sawyer Huges, COL, 00:52; 285: Jack Smith, COL, Fall, Audie Pearson, PH, 03:29.

Pasco High (PH) d. Forks

106: Bobby Guzman, PH, Fall, Charerm Souk, FOR, 01:43; 113: Patrick Torres, PH, Fall, Alan Ensastegui, FOR, 00:57; 120: Sebestan Morales, FOR, Decision, Luis Ochoa, PH, 3-1; 126: Timmy Martinez, PH, Forfeit; 132: Sabestian Barragan, FOR, Decision, Schuyler Killian, PH, 13-9; 145: Luis Velazco, PH, Decision, Javier Contreras, FOR, 7-3; 145: David Kucheravy, PH, Fall, Ricky Barragan, FOR, 5:02; 152: Abisai Garcia, FOR, Decision, Anthony Sagasategui, PH, 7-5; 152: Anthony Sagasategui, PH, Fall, Brian Snideker, FOR, 04:46; 160: Anthony Burrows, PH, Fall, Jack Danigren, FOR, 01:28; 170: Genadiy Kucheravy, PH, Fall, Nate Gimlin, FOR, 04:50; 182: Christian Vazquez, PH, Forfeit; 195: Roman Cortez, PH, Forfeit; 220: Joel Ward, FOR, Fall, Awestyn Shover, PH, 00:56; 285: Miguel Morales, FOR, Fall, Audie Pearson, PH, 01:21

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