Letter: Replace the letters

January 25, 2014 

As a proud Class of '62 Col High (Richland) graduate, I have watched this story about the removal of the concrete letters at Fran Rish stadium and Carmichael hill develop over the past few weeks. What has intrigued me during this process is it appears from what has been reported that at no time did any of those involved voice concern that the students and alumni of the three schools might have a right to participate in making this decision. I am concerned that the principals of the three schools, the Richland High athletic director and the other two district officials don't feel it is necessary to take their constituency into account when making decisions that will affect them.

We were taught as students to take pride in our school and show school spirit. Most students and alumni I have talked with do that, but apparently the same doesn't apply to the administrators and school district. I'm guessing they don't attend the games held at those schools and see the pride our students, families and alumni have for our schools.

Shame on them! I encourage the district to replace the letters and let school pride reign again in Richland.



Roots of faith

There has been a discussion on faith prompted by Michael Smith's Jan. 8 letter. It asks the question, "What is faith?" Do I accept God or believe in creation only by faith? Perhaps, but it is just the reality of life. Evolution science is just a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a suggested explanation for an observable phenomenon. In science, a theory is a tested, well-substantiated explanation for a set of verified hypotheses. A theory is always backed by evidence; a hypothesis is only a suggested possible outcome and is testable and falsifiable.

The evolution scientist interprets or fabricates evidence to support his assumption. It would be a stretch to even call it a hypothesis.

People often say, "I don't believe it will happen, therefore it will not happen," "I don't believe in God, so there is no God." Harry Truman didn't believe Mount St. Helens would erupt, but it did. The people of New Orleans didn't believe hurricane Katrina would destroy their city, but it did. I don't think that the airplane in which I am flying will crash, but that doesn't mean it won't. Every day, we live by faith. Is that faith rooted in reality or ignorance?



Kennewick schools: Yes

I just received my ballot in the mail for the Kennewick School District's renewal levy. I was delighted to discover that my property taxes may actually go down a little since this new levy rate is slightly less than the levy rate it replaces!

The Kennewick School District has excellent programs at all grade levels and this levy is necessary for these programs to continue. I've had all four of my children go through the Kennewick school system and have been very pleased with the results! Kennewick schools have done an excellent job preparing each of my children for college. In addition to their academic work, my four children had the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities such as band, orchestra, choir, athletics, Science Olympiad, clubs and many others. They received a well-rounded education from Kennewick schools!

The school board is community minded, responsive to the needs of Kennewick's students and responsible with our tax money. I strongly support the Kennewick School District operations renewal levy. I have already marked the "yes" box on my ballot and sent it in. Please join me by voting yes for the levy!



Kennewick schools: Yes

As a child, I walked 2 miles to school in North Dakota in all types of weather. To attend high school, I had to move to a city and live with a family, cleaning, cooking and working for my room and board. I was willing to do this because I knew an education was important. It is one of our rights as American citizens and it is vital to preserving the future rights of American citizens.

I am now 95 years old and I still vote in every election and I always vote yes for schools. A Kennewick school levy is on the ballot and due Feb. 11. Please join me in supporting well educated citizens of tomorrow. Vote yes for Kennewick schools and Kennewick students!



Richland schools: Yes

As a Richland High School student, I am appalled at the suggestion posed by some at last week's Richland School Board meeting. It seems that many people will not vote for the new Richland School levy because of the removal of the "R" and "H" from Fran Rish stadium.

Now, I disagree with the removal of the letters and lack of transparency from the district, but not voting for the levy hurts the students more than whoever is responsible for the letters' destruction. Let's all settle down and find a solution that works for students, teachers and the district as well.



Good neighbor -- not

For those driving by the new Trios hospital in south Kennewick, I encourage you to view the building from Hildebrand Boulevard. And while you are viewing the building, take note of the collection of construction debris that covers the vacant lot to the south of the new hospital.

I believe a good neighbor, as Trios continues to advertise itself, would make sure this is cleaned up on a regular basis. By the way, the trash is even in the neighbor's landscaping.



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