Letter: Richland's concrete letters were symbols of pride

January 21, 2014 

In my 60-plus years as a citizen of the Tri-Cities, I have never found the need to write a letter relating my displeasure of someone's actions. The Richland School District administration has changed that. The district's total disregard of what those individual concrete letters meant to the people who had them created and to those of us who grew up with them. They were a reminder of the pride we have in our schools. How dare someone decide to rip them out without the simple courtesy of inviting public input as to the need. The closed-door approach screams of deceptive purpose. The lame excuses after the fact are without merit.

These symbols of pride were no more a hazard than the hundreds of yards of sidewalks within school property. Steps could have been done to mitigate any perceived hazard, but someone chose to simply rip them out. To hundreds, maybe thousands, of loyal Richland school alumni, these actions have done more damage than the perpetrators can imagine. The damage goes way beyond what was done. It has shown that the district cannot be trusted to protect the heritage and history of what a lot of us consider very important.

GREG A. SHAW, Richland

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